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Office Policies

Policy regarding E-Mail

Email is a useful means of communication - it is fast and reliable.

We treat all email as we would any other aspect of your medical record - with strict confidentiality. We welcome our patients to use email to communicate with us, but we ask that you recognize that email has risks just as phone calls and regular mail do. We ask that you consider these risks before using email for communication, especially for sensitive matters.

Policy regarding Scheduling and Late Arrivals

We know your time is important to you, and we strive to keep our appointments at their scheduled time. We may ask if you are late to reschedule your appointment so that we can keep our other patient's scheduled appointments.

Policy regarding Work-Ins for Urgent Problems

We will do our best to see and evaluate all of our patients when they have an urgent problem, or they are acutely ill. If we do not have any appointment vacancies, we may ask you to arrive at a time that we feel we have the best chance of getting you seen with a minimum of wait, but we cannot guarantee that the time we give you to come to our office to be "worked in" is the time you will be seen. In other words, we will make our best effort to get you back and seen as quickly as possible, but please realize that there may be extended waiting periods if no vacancies on our schedule occur.

We do ask that if we are seeing you unscheduled for an urgent problem that you limit the scope of your visit to your urgent problem only, and that you schedule an appointment to discuss any other concerns you have. This ensures that those with scheduled appointments will have sufficient time to have all of their problems addressed.

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